Velcro System, Portable Badminton Court Floor Mat

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Size: 7.2m Width*15m Length
Pieces: 4
Color: Green,Blue ,Red
Total thickness: 4.5 mm
Roll Width: 1.8m
Certification: BWF
Velcro  System, Portable badminton court mat
Production Description
Material 100%PVC
Total Size 15*7.2m
Total Thickness 4.5mm
Roll Width 1.8m
Roll Length 15m
No.s Rolls 4Rolls/Court
Color Green,Blue ,Red
Method Of Install Velcro

Velcro type badminton floor advantage :
1-Easy operation: non-professional installers can install and wind quickly.
2-None welding: no welding materials and technology needed during the installation process
3-High efficiency : only 25minutes for one court installation or packing, it's three to five times than traditional welding installation in time saving
4-Eco-friendly: Non-glue (no chemical glue required in the process of installation), Non-odor (No irritating odor in the process of installation)
5-No damage : no damage to the substrate surface and the product itself
6-Use repeatedly : it's suitable for comprehensive arenas or events for winding and handling quickly

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