Rubber Floor Tiles plain color

China Supplier& Exporter, Export to 60+ Countries
Size: 500mm x 500mm,1000mm x1000mm
·Material: High quality Recycled Rubber granules
This plain color rubber floor tile is a heavy duty rubber mat which will withstand heavy exercise equipment, provide comfort for the user, insulate against cold hard floors and reduce noise. 
plain color rubber floor mat can be used in many places ,
such as gym ,training field , also can be used as playground rubber mat , playground rubber tiles,protective surface for the playground , ensure the child is not at risk of injury from a fall .
  Production info:

Application :
Sports areas: GYM, fitness center , training field, Stadiums, etc.
Recreation Places: children playground, Edge of swing pool, etc.
Public Places: kindergartens, parks, stations, shopping malls and other place where need anti-slip.
High elasticity, shock absorbent, sound absorbent, slip resistant, big friction coeffcient , strong protective performance.
Weather resistance ,temperature resistance , abrasion resistance.
High water resistance , easy cleaned surface ,easy maintenance.
High thermal insulation ,anti-static electricity ,frame retardant
Non-toxic ,non-polluting ,antifouling,no breed bacteria, no stimulation to the human body.
Simple and convenient installation .
We are professional Supplier and Exporter of rubber tiles in China.
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Our products are popular at oversea market and exported to 60+ Countries,
including Australia,USA,Canada, 
South-East Counties (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines etc),
European countries( UK ,Spain , Portugal, Belgium etc), 
South America courties and Middle-East Countries etc.
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