rubber matting rolls

China Supplier& Exporter, Export to 60+ Countries
Width 1.25m ,1m
Thickness:3mm to 12 mm
Material: Recycled Rubber granules and Colored EPDM Flecks
(EPDM color : Blue ,Red ,Green , White , Yellow , Orange )
Rubber matting rolls are rolled rubber flooring made by rubber granules ,EPDM flecks.  High density , More wear-resisting,
The rubber matting floor rolls will give you a seamless look ,
 Production info:

 Application :
Gym ,fitness center, training place
Commercial gym, home gym floors. Personal trainers, Etc.
High elasticity, shock absorbent, sound absorbent, slip resistant, big friction coeffcient , strong protective performance.
Weather resistance ,temperature resistance , abrasion resistance.
High water resistance , easy cleaned surface ,easy maintenance.
High thermal insulation ,anti-static electricity ,frame retardant
Non-toxic ,non-polluting ,antifouling,no breed bacteria, no stimulation to the human body.
Simple and convenient installation .
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