table tennis flooring

Material: Vinyl
Application: indoor
Characteristics: Portable
Surface Pattern: red weaving series
Thickness: 5.5mm/4.8mm
Width of single roll: 1.8m
Length of roll: 15m
Thickness of wear-resisting coat:1.5mm
Benow supply the perfect Table Tennis Mat For many National Associations
Engineered and developed in partnership with the ITTF Available in ready to go.  Benow table tennis mat is specially tailored for table tennis sports. Weaving pattern available colors: Red, Blue, Purple. Thickness:4.5mm,4.8mm.5.5mm

Product info:

Material: Vinyl          Color: red      Width of single roll: 1.8m                                 Pattern: red weaving                  Location: indoor
Characteristics: Portable                  Length of roll: 15m or as customer request      Thickness of wear-resisting coat:1.5mm
Thickness: 5.5mm/4.8mm
Package: with paper tube inside and waterproof craft paper covered in a roll.

The high-end flooring tiles weaving series wear-resistant layer thickness could reach 1.5 mm, the material is 100% PVC, wear resistance and anti-skid property are outstanding.
The advantage of 5.5mm Table Tennis Mat is that the first layer is treated by TPU macromolecules, and the surface layer with high strength glass fiber non-woven two-way and polyester mesh stable layer multi-directional stability, product's service life, and extension performance greatly improved, no need to worry about the deformation of the floor due to the fracture of the stable layer; the first layer treated by the PUR surface layer is cold-resistant and can maintain good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties below zero degrees Celsius. At the same time can resist oil, water, mold.

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